Advanced Vehicle Technologies Competitions' Alumni

Former EcoCAR 2 Outreach Coordinator, Jeff Rednour addressing Wayne State University Students and the City of Detroit:

"Detroit has always been a very special place to me!

Growing up in Ypsilanti, Detroit was like a kind of big brother to my community – providing opportunities for employment, places to go for cultural growth and world class entertainment, and a broad social network that was among the most accepting I have ever experienced.

I can remember coming to Detroit as a young boy with my family to attend the State Fair, and Christmas shopping at Hudson’s Department Store - feeling as if I had walked into a production of “Miracle On 34th Street”. I was deeply impressed with Detroit then, and I still feel the same today.

As a graduate student at Wayne State University, I feel a newer and deeper connection with the city. Wayne State and its people are a sparkling gem, hidden in the middle of an overlooked jewel. One of the WSU EcoCAR 2 team primary goals is creating the awareness that Detroit is, in fact, alive and kicking, and that Wayne State University is one of the greatest assets we have to bring Michigan back to its proper place as an American leader. We want to show the world that Detroit is still a place of ingenuity, creativity, and even genius – a unique place of strength, grace and beauty.

The Wayne State University EcoCAR 2 Team is proudly representing our University and our home city of Detroit. The team hopes to educate the community of the many benefits we can realize by embracing the change that EcoCAR 2 represents, and encourage everyone to support this new way forward.

Aim Higher – Aim Hybrid!".

Jeff Letter

Chat Rattanapanudda

EcoCAR 2 Controls Team


Chat is originally from Suphanburi Thailand. He received his bachelors in mechanical engineering in 2007 before attending Wayne State University. He graduated in 2012 with a masters is alternative technology. After graduation Chat began working with the team’s local sponsor, IAV Automotive Engineering Inc. as a hybrid engineer.



Rahul Harish - EcoCAR 2

Mechanical Team Leader


Before joining to the team, Rahul was a member on the Formula Hybrid SAE team.
On the EcoCAR 2 team he served as the mechanical team leader. He was involved with the design and packaging of the battery pack in the vehicle and its approval process. As a team leader he has also assisted and mentored the mechanical team members. “EC2 has made me a more confident engineer and given me a better perspective on the design and development of vehicles from an industry standpoint. It has taught me how to work within and outside of my team to accomplish goals and has also taught me time and people management skills. And lastly, it has also helped me connect better with members in industry and academia”.

Jeff Rednour - EcoCAR 2

Outreach Coordinator


A life-long resident of Ypsilanti, just 30 miles from Downtown Detroit, Jeff grew up in the heart of the American auto industry, and worked at a GM plant for several years shortly after graduating high school. He holds an Associates degree (Gen. Ed.) from Washtenaw Community College in Ann Arbor, MI and an undergraduate degree from Eastern Michigan University in Electronic Media and Film. Jeff is currently enrolled in WSU’s graduate program in Public Relations and Organizational Communications. His interests include playing and writing music, comedy, film, and continued education. Jeff says he joined the team to make friends and gain insights on how to build an effective, real-world PR, marketing and communications organization from the ground up.

Gary Kempen - EcoCAR 2

Controls Team


Gary graduated from the University of Wisconsin-Madison in 1994 with a degree in electrical and computer engineering, working for Oshkosh Truck for several years on distributed control systems.  In 1999 he moved to TRW Automotive, doing electrical systems engineering for stability control systems.  After working in defense consulting at General Dynamics and Control point he became interested in hybrid powertrains.  He is now a technical lead for chassis software on the Ground Combat Vehicle program at General Dynamics.



George Baumgartner -

EcoCAR 2 - Mechanical Team


George comes from Trenton, MI. He is a senior in Mechanical Engineering Technology. He likes the ability to work alongside students, faculty, and industry members to find creative solutions to practical problems. He is interested in sustainable mobility and any mechanical components of the vehicle. He brings a very knowledgeable understanding of the automotive industry and ideas for future trends regarding vehicle electrification to the team. “Upon graduation, I hope to secure a full time engineering position at a local automotive company, or supplier and work toward a management position later on”.


Ashwin Sainathan -

EcoCAR 2 -

Controls Team 2011-2012

Ashwin grew up in Chennai, India and received his bachelor of engineering degree from Anna University. He is in his first year of graduate studies in Electric Drive Vehicle Engineering, and uses his knowledge to further the efforts of the Controls team. Among his interests are tennis and travelling. Ashwin’s skills are currently focused on control algorithms for the hybrid controller and mentoring new members. His dream career would be to “work in a competitive environment in the automotive industry and design novel Green Technologies.”


Love Lor-

EcoCAR 2 -

Controls Team Leader 2011-2012

Love Lor received a job with General Motors upon graduating from Wayne State with a masters in electrical engineering. She is currently a HIL Controls Engineer. She says all the technical, social and organizational skills that she developed while being apart of EcoCAR2 helped her tremendously in the transition into her new position. “I wouldn't be where I am at today without my EcoCAR2 team's guidance and mentoring. “



Ahmed I. Uddin -

EcoCAR 2-

Mechanical Team Leader



Ahmed grew up in Dhaka, Bangladesh and earned both Bachelor and Masters of Science degrees in Mechanical engineering from Bangladesh University of Engineering and Technology (BUET). He is currently pursuing a PhD in Mechanical Engineering, and his research topic is “Computational Fluid Dynamics (CFD) Simulation of Lithium-Ion battery pack Thermal Management System for Electric and Hybrid Vehicles”, and is a Graduate Teaching Assistant in the WSU Department of Mechanical Engineering. EC2 offers me the opportunity to develop my skills on solving various Computational Fluid Dynamics problems.” Ahmed’s career goal is to become an expert in the field of CFD Modeling and Simulation for EV/HEV Energy storage system.



Mengjia Cao-

EcoCAR 2 -

Technical GRA 2011-2012

Mengjia Cao is a graduate student in WSU’s Electric-Drive Vehicle Program, and expects to graduate in 2013. She grew up in Chongqing, China, and attained her undergrad degree in Engineering at Nanjing University of Science and Technology.
After graduation, Mengjia worked at Yanfeng Johnson Controls Seating CO., LTD, as an Advance Quality Engineer. In this position she won the Johnson Controls Asia Pacific Team Rally Award, as well as launching 2 new global platform programs and 17 redesign programs to SOP (Start of Production).
Mengjia is now a member of the WSU EcoCAR 2 Mechanical team, where she hopes to learn to “understand how PHEVs work from a system perspective”, and to “be comfortable with related software and tools”.


Musab Al-Hadrusi -

EcoCAR 2

Controls Team

Musab earned his bachelor of science and masters in electrical and computer engineering from the Jordan University of Science and Technology. He has worked as a computer engineer in the National Electrical Power Company, Jordan and in King Abdullah University Hospital, Jordan. Currently he is a teaching assistant at Wayne State University while wrapping up his PhD dissertation. He likes playing chess, playing with his kids and trying to see the life through their eyes. He has won a Master and PhD scholarships and is a member of Tau-Beta-Pi, the Golden Key Society and IEEE. He joined EcoCAR to gain experience by working with professional people whose daily job is to get the theory into action and then pass it to new members.


Jagjit Singh -

EcoCAR 2-

Electrical Team

Jagjit has earned a Bachelor of Science degree in Aerospace Engineering from Wichita State University, a Masters of Science in Mechanical Engineering at California State University-Northridge (CSUN), and a Master of Science in Alternative Energy Technology from WSU. He is currently pursuing a third master’s degree in electric vehicle ngineering. Jagjit’s hometown is Windsor, Ontario. He enjoys travelling, video gaming and volunteering. When asked why he joined the team he replied, “I really hope to learn more about ESS and its overall connections to vehicle architecture. I want to learn more about electrical vehicle system integration and I believe this is the place to be. “



Zoe Zakar -

EcoCAR 2

Mechanical Team

Joe comes from Troy, Mich. Ever since middle school, it was his life long dream to work for the automotive industry. He studied CAD all throughout high school. It was an honor to be using NX for EcoCAR 2. Learning the professional design process, some GD&T basics, along with materials sourcing/ outsourcing have inspired Joe to take his prototyping and machining skills to the next level. Joe currently works for SignaLED Detroit as a design engineer and project manager.




Nazar Shamoun -

EcoCAR 2

Electrical Team

Nazar earned his masters degree in electric-drive vehicle engineering from Wayne State. He received a bachelors degree in electrical engineering from the University of Technology in Bagdad, Iraq. After graduation he began working at General Motors as a Hybrid Components Validation Test Engineer. He encourages all engineering students at WSU to enroll in EcoCAR 2 and spend at least 4-6 hours a week because they will never get an opportunity like this again.





Jessie Letarte-

EcoCAR 2 -

Communications Manager 2012-2013

Jessie LeTarte was the co-communications manager for the team. Currently, Jessie serves as the 2013-2014 President for the Public Relation Student Society of America (PRSSA).  She is also the fall communications intern for Strategic Communication Solutions, public relations, local government relations and marketing firm. Thanks to her experience in EcoCAR 2, Jessie has a more rounded knowledge of the challenges communications professionals face. 




John L. Myers-

Electrical Team

John is a resident of Rochester but grew up in Coldwater, Mich. He holds a bachelor of arts in physics from Kalamazoo College and a bachelor of science in electrical engineering from Michigan Technological University. Continuing his education, he also holds two graduate degrees from Oakland University; business administration and mechanical engineering. He is currently pursuing his masters’ degree in electric-drive vehicle engineering. John is also holder of two U.S. patents, who's interests include snow skiing, golf, swimming, and travel. John’s career goals are to continue his work in advanced propulsion solution development and vehicle engineering integration to provide superior fuel efficient vehicles for a major domestic vehicle OEMs globally.


Sumanth Dadam-

Controls Team

Sumanth is a mechanical engineering graduate student and is expecting to graduate in 2014. He grew up in Bangalore, India and attained his bachelor in mechanical engineering from Visveswaraiah Technological University . Sumanth worked for Robert Bosch India Research and Development Center and at Caterpillar in the UK and India.  Sumanth is now working as a software engineer at Ford. Being part of EcoCAR helped him change his career from a calibration engineer profile to a software developer ,”I was looking for change in  my career from my previous job and EcoCAR2 helped me in achieving my goal  with required skillset and technology in the auto industry”.


Dave Platt-

Controls Team

David graduated with a bachelors in electrical engineering in December, 2012 and is now pursing a masters degree at the University of Detroit Mercy. Currently he is working for the Chrysler Group in the Powertrain Analysis organization. He says that EcoCAR 2 helped him transition smoothly from school to a career. “With 20 years in manufacturing, it was nearly impossible to seek out different opportunities even with a degree, without having hands on time in a product development role with EcoCAR 2 controls training.”


Shaun Berkeley-

Mechanical Team

Shaun hails from LaSalle, Ontario, Canada and is a junior studying mechanical engineering. His interests include travel, sports and all things automotive. Shaun says he likes EcoCAR 2 because “it allows me to apply what I learn in the class room to a real industry development process.” He says his role on the Mechanical/CAD team is well-suited to his career aspirations – “modeling and development of components by use of CAD. I like the endless possibilities that CAD allows product developers to create new concepts.”


Andrew Enajero-

Business Team

Andrew is a senior majoring in marketing. Born and raised in Metro Detroit, he has a lifelong passion for automobiles. Andrew enjoys studying the automotive market and reading about science and technology. He says the concept of EcoCAR 2 fits him very well and he believe it’s a wonderful opportunity to get real-world experience and meet new people in the industry. He finds it very desirable to be part of an industry-wide innovative effort to achieve high average MPG.


Catherine Mitchel-

Communications Team

Catherine is a senior studying public relations. She is a Detroit native, who enjoys the atmosphere and cultural diversity of her city. She is a senior public relations student who hopes to remain in the city and work upon graduation. Mitchell enjoys reading, writing, shopping and, as strange as it sounds, working. She hopes to continue to learn about hybrid vehicles in order to contribute to the Hybrid Warrior effort.


Subhadip Ghosh-

Controls Team Leader 2013

Subhadip grew up in "City of Joy" - Kolkata, located on the bank of river Ganges in eastern part of India. He earned his bachelor degree in computer science and engineering in India and is currently pursuing a masters in Electric Drive Vehicle Engineering at Wayne State University. He has been on Wayne State's EcoCAR 2 control team since the summer of 2012. Subhadip as experience in automotive ECU software. He loves trying all cuisines of food, reading thrillers and is a big fan of instrumental music.