Hybrid Education

Personal note from our Team Leader, Idan Regev:

"I moved to Michigan for the love of a woman, my wife, but I immediately fell in love with the capital of world automotive industry, Detroit. Though smaller and humbler than New York in the east and Chicago in the west it has more potential and inner beauty than both. It tells the story of Michiganders and Detroiters. Perhaps bruised and quiet and tired of the turmoils of the past hundred years, but never depressed, never beaten down, never giving up, always hard-working.

This place has some magic that never dies. The city keeps attracting people from all over the world, and part of its charm is the automotive industry. An economy-leading industry once, considered almost mundane by the turn of the century and now as exciting as the space race, with nations competing over hybrid and electric vehicles and against many misconceptions.

Most of our 44 team members came from around the world to be at the heart of this industry because they believe that here is where you get the best automotive education, in the middle of the Motor City. But learning makes us only good and we should always aspire for more. As Mark Twain put it so nicely, "It is noble to teach oneself, it is nobler to teach others". And so we must teach others and spread the gospel of knowledge if we are to become better scholars and, most importantly, better human beings.

Help us give others the gift of knowledge. Tell them what we do and why, and together we can all "AIM HIGHER, AIM HYBRID".