Year 2
Brownstown Middle School


Welcome Back Picnic






Welcome Back Picnic




Welcome Back Picnic




Welcome Back Picnic



Most Recent Events

The Wayne State University EcoCAR 2 team continuously engages with communities throughout the Metro Detroit area and on their campus in Midtown, Detroit.

UP NEXT: Michigan Science Center- February 21, 2014

Be sure to visit the team at the Michigan Science Center to celebrate National Engineering Week!



North American International Auto Show- January 2014

The Hybrid Warriors had the opportunity to represent EcoCAR 2 and Wayne State University at the 2014 North American International Auto Show. The team had a space for all public days to display the EcoCAR vehicle and team information for automotive goers to enjoy.





Boys and Girls Club Visit- December 2013

The team took the time to meet with a hand selected group of students from Boys and Girls Clubs in Metro Detroit. These students were selected to participate in the youth visit because their director saw engineering potential in them. The team worked with the students to build simple electric motors and also talked about the different aspects of hybrid and electric vehicles on the road today.



Festifall-September 2013

Every year Wayne State University hosts an event in Gullen Mall on campus to welcome new students to campus. It is a great way for student organizations and clubs to recruit students.




Welcome Back Picnic-September 2013

Wayne State's College of Engineering kicked off the school year by welcoming engineering students to campus. This was the first event the Hybrid Warriors displayed their Chevy Malibu at a campus based event. The student body and even the dean were thrilled to see E2D2.




Brownstown Middle School Visit- April 2013

Brownstown Middle School welcomed EcoCAR 2 team members in joining them in a day filled with eco-facts about the enviornment and the automotive industry. Over 700 students sat in on a seminar, engaged in an interactive crossword puzzle and had one-on-one Q&A time with their very own EcoCAR 2 engineer.



Year 2 Final Competition- May 2013

Wayne State EcoCAR 2 team members and leaders worked sun up to sun down for a week straight racing aginst the clock trying to get their car running in dynamic events after traveling to General Motor's Desert Proving Grounds in Yuma, Ariz. After a week in Yuma the team traveled to San Diego, Calif. to do year end presentations and attend an award ceremony.  Going into the competition the Hybrid Warriors were is 12th place, year two points put the team in 8th. The communication team also took 2nd place for Best Collaboration with a local Clean Cities Coalition.


Year 1 Final Competition- May 2012

The team traveled to Los Angelos, Calif. for the Year 1 Final Competition. The Hybrid Warriors won the Spirit of the Challenge Award. This award was presented in memory of Ron Stence, a former sponsor and competition organizer from Freescale, whose dedication and passion for the advanced vehicle technology competition and his pursuit of high technical standards was inspiring. This award is presented every year to a team that embodies that same spirit as Stence, by demonstrating exceptional perseverance in the face of adversity, maintaining a positive attitude throughout the competition despite significant challenges and obstacles and pursuing exceptionally high technical standards.