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The Spirit of Detroit

Personal letter from WSU's Communication Manager, Katie O'Neal, to Wayne State University Students and the city of Detroit:

"Growing up in the Metro Detroit area has influenced me in an unexplainable way. We are so passionate and connected to the automotive industry. Many of our parents have worked for the ‘Big Three’ or a company that supply to them. Michiganders see the opportunity Detroit has to offer its citizens; it’s a matter of convincing everyone else. EcoCAR 2 is great opportunity for Wayne State University graduate and undergraduate students to play a role in the automotive industry and their community.

After one semester at Wayne State I felt an even bigger connection with the city. I took a leap of faith and moved from my large, but close community, to Midtown. Since living in the heart of Detroit I find it even more imperative to share my experience and knowledge of the city. The history and design of the buildings are so intricate and detailed. It is no task to understand this city was once considered the Paris of the Midwest.

Now approaching my senior year, I feel even more anxious to jump into the real world and make a change in the city. I want to help the city prosper and grow because it is something I am passionate about.

What Wayne State EcoCAR2 has to offer its students is hands on experience and preparation for the real world. That is not easy to come by. As Michigan’s sole participant in the EcoCAR 2 competition, it is our job to make Detroit shine and I think our team has just what it takes".